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No-Go Areas of France and the rest of Europe


2011 Update: Scotland Yard and local Muslims are organizing a radical Islamist effort to establish sharia micronations in London. These micronations are a threat to not only native Europeans but the majority of Muslims who do not wish to live under an Islamist tyranny.

Note: No-Go Zones are the product of a radical ideology. Catholicgauze denounces all radical ideologies, including Nazism and racism. “White Nationalism” is just as bad as Islamic Separatism.

An increasingly common thing in European cities is the no-go zone. These are places where the police, medical rescue crews, and other government agents will not venture into. The areas are viewed as just too violent and/or risky to enforce rules. Following the rules of ungoverned spaces, anarchy does not reign for long. A group will enforce its own ruleset, and the no-go zone will become a microstate.

In France, no-go zones are referred to as Zones Urbaines Sensibles (Sensitive Urban Zones). A few are truly no-go zones, while most are just areas where the government is focusing more development, and police require special procedures to operate. A few (NOT ALL of the 751 ZUS, as falsely report in “anti-jihadist blogs,” of these zones, primarily around Paris) are under the control of radical Islamists. From these no-go zones around Paris and other urban centers, Islamic militants are waging cultural and sometimes even guerrilla warfare against French police. The police are now taking to the streets in protest against the violence targeted at them in Lyons with police unions claiming there is a civil war against them.

It is important to remember that the Islamist movement in France is small overall. However, the much larger issue of racial discrimination of French against Muslim ethnic groups feeds into the Islamist movement, and non-Islamists will commit violent acts in favor of Islamists because it hurts the French rule-of-law.

The rest of Europe is going down a similar path. The United Kingdom is wondering if different groups should be under separate laws. If this were to happen with official approval, it would only be a matter of time that political unity would be called into question. Europe, with a dying population and hostile race relations, faces a bleak future.